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Cbot Labs was founded by Cbot a xrpl developer and community member. Cbot has been using the xrpl since 2020. Throughout 2020 and 2021 he built small xrpl projects and provided software service to various clients on the xrpl. At the start of 2022 we formed Cbot Labs to manage our software projects moving forward. Follow the button below to learn more about Cbot.

Recent Updates

Xahau Validator

Cbot Labs is pleased to announce that our longstanding Xahau validator, housed in our home lab, has recently joined the UNL. We anticipate providing steadfast, long-term support to the Xahau sidechain.

Check Out Our Handcrafted xWizard Set

xWizard is an exclusive NFT project with a supply of 2000. Each xWizard is randomly generated from 6 properties with varying rarities. This project was one of the first NFT projects created on the XRPL. When xWizard was first built all NFTs on the XRPL traded as IOU tokens that would be exchanged for NFTs at a later date. We created our own minting app to handle our NFT mint. First we fulfilled our IOU tokens promise and allowed our token holders to swap their tokens to NFTs via our minting app. Then we switched our custom app to XRP only minting. Today their is serval way to get an xWizard NFT. You can vist our app and mint a xWizard or visit your favorite marketplace buy, sell, and trade your wizards.  Click the links below to mint or trade xWizard NFTS!