cbot Labs

Building on the XRPL

xWizard NFT

We created xWizard to explore into the world of XLS-20 NFTS on the XRPL. Vist Our xWizard App to mint a NFT today!


Lab-Bot is a custom Discord bot built using your XUMM signature to assign discord roles based on the NFTs holdings in your wallet.


Node.js tool to burn to mint XRP from XRPL mainchain to the Xahau sidechain. See the github README.md to learn more about Xahau and how to use this tool.


SlowDrop is an XRPL airdrop tool built with node.js and javascript. The tool carefully scans your token or NFT holders and drops tokens to them. Simultaneously, it logs an XRP ledger confirmation for each transaction on an local .json file.