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  • q1 2023


  • ⇒ Swap v1 solo xWizards to v2 xWizards

    ⇒ End Staking Pool

    ⇒ Deadline for IOU Minting

    ⇒ Swap to XRP Minting Only 

    ⇒ Update Website

    ⇒ Partner with New Projects and Influencers

  • q2 2023


  • ⇒ Introduce a new NFT set and White Paper

    ⇒ Launch new NFT set

    ⇒ Create Discord and Twitter for the new NFT set

    ⇒ Drop new NFT set to Top xWizard Holders

    ⇒ Release Merch for Cbot Labs & new NFT set

    ⇒ xWizard Game BETA


  • Q3 2023


  • ⇒ Minting Rewards for new NFT set

    ⇒ Update xWizard App

    ⇒ Release xWizard Game based on xWizard Rarity

    ⇒ Release xWizard Partner Game Perks 

    ⇒ Release Updated Roadmap Leading into 2024

Meet our



NFTmaster is the first XRP NFT Marketplace. They make it super easy to purchase NFTs. They take full advantage of all the features offered in XLS-20 on XRPL.


The xRock team is made up of passionate creators excited to expand the XRPL community with a time tested concept, quality assets, and a positive attitude.


Staykx is a token award platform on the XRPL. They have designed a system that rewards you for holding tokens from your favorite projects. Community members are positively affected with the chance to make income from the deployment of stayking rewards on their platform.