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2022 q1

Cbot Labs has already started producing its first official NFT collection on the XRPL, the xWizard. The first Cbot NFTs are a set of wizards with six unique randomly selected qualities. Cbot Labs is experimenting with smart contracts on the XRPL to link with xWizard. In the future, we may potentially build an NFT farming game based on the xWizards' properties.

2022 Q2

Cbot Labs is currently building code libraries and a simple game to kick off our application development services. After completing the testing, we will deploy the game as the first part of the STREAM Metaverse. Then, we will repeat the model with other applications and crypto-related games. We will use servers on the cloud to deploy various applications.

2022 Q3

Cbot Labs is building a cross-platform gamer point crypto application. Cbot Labs has a full-stack developer under contract for the project, and the COO oversees the app and contractor agreement. The app will consist of basic gamer points and staking challenges. There will be a one-time gate fee to use the application. Also, there is a V2 app in planning.

2023 Q1

Cbot Labs will develop a Metaverse BETA that will act as a central hub for users to access games and virtual reality realms. We will use code libraries, game assets, and our partnerships to shape our Metaverse. The Metaverse will allow users to buy digital assets, interact with others, enter virtual reality realms, and complete missions. Users will contribute to the Metaverse and shape its digital future. The project is still in development and is libel to change.

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NFTmaster is the first XRP NFT Marketplace. They make it super easy to purchase NFTs. They take full advantage of all the features offered in XLS-20 on XRPL.


The xRock team is made up of passionate creators excited to expand the XRPL community with a time tested concept, quality assets, and a positive attitude.


Staykx is a token award platform on the XRPL. They have designed a system that rewards you for holding tokens from your favorite projects. Community members are positively affected with the chance to make income from the deployment of stayking rewards on their platform.