Cbot Labs Inc.

MEET Our Team

Cody Ricketts: Founder

I have owned various successful businesses for over a decade and have been involved in digital development since I was a child. I work consistently to improve my businesses' operation structures and management programs. In my off time, I enjoy riding motorcycles and playing video games. In the past, I have worked on several real estate projects as a managing contractor where I prepared properties for rent or sale. My experience with customers and contractor management ensures that Cbot Labs has a functional foundation.

Natalie Carrillo: CMO

I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Marketing with a Digital concentration and a minor in Information Systems. I am passionate about entrepreneurship and coding. I have explored my passions through a marketing/operations internship with a local small business. Also, I worked on a social media marketing campaign where I was successful at improving the company's overall KPIs. Lastly, I am certified by Google in Ad Apps, Ads Search, and Analytics. As well, I earned an Email Marketing Certification from HubSpot Academy. My background in digital marketing and iT guarantees that Cbot Labs has a Solid Strategic marketing plan.

James DiMeo: Lead Mentor

I have twenty-five years of experience in the technology space. Currently, I am working with multiple crypto NFT projects and Metaverse platforms. I enjoy managing and leading the development of web applications, digital games and streaming services.