cbot Labs Inc.



Pseudo Swap is a custom Discord bot that switches Discord tokens to XRPL $Stream. The bot allows users to play in Discord and withdraw $Stream to do more activities.


Lab-Verify is a custom Discord bot built using your XUMM signature to assign discord roles based on the token holdings in your wallet.


SlowDrop is an XRPL airdrop tool built with node.js and javascript. The tool carefully scans your holders and drops tokens to them. Simultaneously, it logs an XRP ledger confirmation for each transaction on an local .json file.

Amnis Link

Coming Soon!!

Amnis Link is a cross-platform gamer point application built on the XRPL. The application awards users around the world for interacting with various multimedia platforms.

xWizard App

Coming Soon!!

The xWizard app is being designed to streamline the xWizard project. The app allows access to OTC tokens during the pre-sale. Once XLS-20 is released, the app will facilitate inhouse minting of xWizard NFTs.